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  • Jeremiah Gould from Solitary Studio

    Jeremiah Gould

    Business Owner

Personal Background

I grew up in Whatcom County in Washington State, and I've been drawing with pencil and paper and doing small scale computer graphics on Windows Paint starting around 2004.

I quickly got into doing commissions for friends and family and moved from Windows Paint to Paint.net to Gimp and eventually to Photoshop and the Adobe Suite. I moved along with my family to Greenville South Carolina in 2008 and officially started my business in 2012.

I started out creating wall murals, business cards, posters and greeting cards usually starring an animal, a character or a person in my personal comic book style.

I started working professionally at the Academy of Arts as a graphic designer and illustrator in Taylors, SC in 2015 and I have been there ever since.


Something that is profound and beautiful to me is that God created everything, and He created man in His own image. This makes us little creators. We will NEVER create on the scale that He does, but if anyone will be successful in art they will copy the originals of the Master. There is no new content, it’s simply rearranged. I have no shame in “copying” God’s work and I openly give Him the credit because He has made His content completely license free. I consider it such a privilege to use my art to create just as He creates and I am the most fulfilled when I fulfill that purpose.

Simplicity is not the goal. It is the byproduct of a good idea and modest expectations. - Paul Rand